War of 1812

When reviewing the war of 1812 from a national standpoint, we see the struggles the US encountered with Great Britain. The struggles that are seen are the recurring tactics of burning down cities. During this time, both the Americans and British would burn down cites to interrogate and attack populations. One of the biggest burning events was when the British burned Washington D.C. and the White House. Also, during this time, Americans were fighting for independence to establish their own economy. Nationally, England and France were trying stop America’s opportunity for growth. In response to this block from England and France, the Americans pursed an assault on the French and British. This led to even more confrontations between countries, with attacks on American shipping and markets.

Locally within in the country, western American settlers and Native American tribes were at odds. At this time settlers were moving in rapidly, while the Native American tribes were beginning to be outnumbered. The Native Americans were striving to keep their culture from being reformed by white settlers. Furthermore, the Native Americans started a movement for survival, which eventually led to an attack on Harrison’s army. Also, locally, there was conflicts between the northern states and the south and west. Northern states were opposed to war, while the south and west was in favor, in which these were called “war hawks.” In all, the War of 1812 has had national and local differences that made great long-lasting effects on the country.

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