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Documents of the War of 181

Hospital in Brownville –

 This source from Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library, provides information on the War of 1812 regarding how medical care was provided during the war. The image shown below is from a newspaper with a shot of an apartment style home, which was used as a hospital. Wounded and injured soldiers were able to reside there for care and treatment. The newspaper article explains how the hospital was right across the street from Major General Jacob Brown mansion. In addition, it explains how the building was sold and past down to various people.

  • The British capture of Prairie du Chien during the War of 1812 –

 Another source that provided information on the War of 1812 was a transcript written by a British fur trader. Through this written document you can see the British’s plans of attacking. For instance, in the transcript the British trader, Anderson, explains his hunting plans before the war began. In addition, he addresses his exploits at the Battle of Prairie du Chien, which includes his negotiations with allies. This type of document shows evidence of the British attacks on the US and the use of alliances.

  • Battle of New Orleans

The Battle of New Orleans source is a description of the final battle of the war. The textual document is a piece from a newspaper article in New Orleans. It explains the final of events of the war, including the number of people who died. Moreover, the source gives information on commanders and generals who were killed or wounded during the battle. Through out the article it also describes the great accomplishments and victories the Americans succeed in. The U.S troops were honored for their courage and hard work.

  • War of 1812 Petition of Robert Johnston

This item provided by the National Archives at Boston is a written petition from Robert Johnston. He wrote the petition because of lost goods due to non-importation laws. This source provides information about how the loss of American goods lead to the war. It also provides evidence that non-importation laws were in effect. This petition that was written probably was one of many that pleaded to the British government to lift the act.

  • War of 1812 & 1861

In this document, General Scott and Billy Johnson tell their events of the war. The textual document explains how Billy was a crippled veteran that was in the war. Throughout the text Billy’s is trying to get the attention of General. Billy is seeking for the General to remember him, as one of his soldiers, despite his old age. This shows the life of a soldier after the war and how he conquered and preserved through challenges.

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