The First Barbary War

In the First Barbary War, you can see connections regarding the cost of war and arguments about building a navy. During this time, the U.S. was trying to establish a strong trade foundation to ensure resources for the country, but this would not come easy. Therefore, trade would become one of the main causes for the war. U.S. trade was especially important because it provided vital resources that were needed. This connects to other themes such as the cost of war due to the war impacting the lost of U.S. resources. The lost of resources were due to Tripoli attacks on U.S. ships, which also lead to the argument about building a navy. Deciding to build a navy was crucial, especially for protection against attacks on trade ships.

Other connections regarding the cost of war that are seen are death and sickness. Although trade ships brought in goods and resources, it also came with sickness and disease. In addition, some connections that are seen are allies and treaties between countries. Having allies during the war was important because it allowed for more protection against enemies. It also helped establish unity and trust between nations. For the U.S, having allies with other countries helped them win the war against Tripoli. These are the connections seen in the First Barbary War.

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