The Establishment of the Naval Academy

In the podcast the Preble Hall it discusses the Naval history and the Naval academy. Throughout the podcast you hear from Stephen Philips, a retired Naval commander who served as a warfare officer and special operations officer. His history with the Naval academy began with his father, then himself, followed by his son. Philips also served as a Naval academy instructor. The conversation begins with Philips sharing information about the Somers Munity investigation. During this investigation a midshipman, Phillip Spencer, initiated the investigation of munity on board. The man being accused was basically found guilty without trail and was hanged with no further investigation. This became one of biggest cases of the time. The case also drew a lot of attention due to Philip Spencer being the son of the secretary of war, John Spencer. In addition, this case led to the establishment of formal training for midshipmen.

Philips also talks about other experiences throughout podcast that began the Naval academy. For instance, he mentions another incident with a midshipman that led to naval training. Learning about these events and information gives better insight on why the need for establishing the Naval academy was necessary. There definitely was a mutual understanding that proper training was essential in the success of building the navy. The standard for the navy was being set at new level, where there was less room for mutiny or mishaps. It is interesting to see how the different events shaped the history of the Naval academy and its establishment.

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