The Costs of the American Revolution

After listening to the podcast for this week about the American Revolution, one can understand the war costs that everyone bore. Most people think the cost of the war mainly affects those fighting, but it does not. The podcast addresses how different groups of people were affected by the war. With this, I do think that some groups bore the cost of war more than others. In particularly, those who were not white men suffered costs a bit more. For instance, black people bore the cost of being enslaved for many years due to the extent of the war. This was due to the United states being in favor of slavery, while some British empires were trying to abolish slavery. So, although the United states was striving for freedom, only some would reap the benefits. Furthermore, for black people the benefits of freedom would not come until centuries later, where they would still be suffering the costs of the war.

Another group of people that bore the costs of the war is the Native people. The Native people suffered from having their natural environments being destroyed, which left long-lasting effects for years. Moreover, the war also caused a lot of their communities to be on opposing sides with some siding with the Americans. Those who sided with the Americans resulted in losing their land, which was another cost they bored. When looking at the other documents regarding the costs of the war, you see families that were also suffering on the home front. Things such as shortage of food, supply shortages, and sicknesses were great costs of the American Revolution. For example, one document addressed the issue of small pox’s and other health challenges that they faced. In all, the American Revolution changed the world and many people’s lives. Many experienced tragedies that would take years to recover and many experienced new independence’s. Overall, I think that the American Revolution was devastating but also liberating for some.

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