The Antebellum Period and America Today

When reviewing the history of the Antebellum Period you can see areas within the period that are relevant today. The Antebellum period was a time just before the Civil War, where there was an uprising between abolitionists and slavery supporters. During this time, American history was also, being shaped into its identity, which has caused some of the deep-rooted issues that we currently face. For example, injustices such as police brutality of black and brown people relate to the Antebellum period, due to how black people were viewed as property, less than, or violent.

Furthermore, the way American history has shaped the identity of black Americans during the Antebellum has a direct effect on how they are viewed still today. Therefore, this also, has created different stereotypes, prejudices, and ideologues of who black people are, which has made it difficult for black and brown people to feel equally accepted in this country. This is another reason why the Antebellum period is relevant today because black Americans were never fully accepted, even after slavery was abolished.

Moreover, I think this also is a part of our history, of which I still need to grapple. It is disappointing to see how our America has never fully accepted the past injustices and modern injustices of our history. It is disappointing to know that in 2020 some people still do not view or consider black Americans as equal. Even more, it is difficult to grapple with how far we have come as a country but also realizing how far we still have to go. For example, just recently, the first woman of Black and Indian decent was elected to be the vice president for the democratic ticket for this year’s election. With this, it is still difficult for society to accept a woman and a person of color as a nominee for vice president or any other government position. It is difficult for our society to grapple with that our country continues to exclude people of color instead of including them. At this point in time, I believe that our country has the choice to either run from these deep-rooted issues or dismantle them at its head.

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