Reflecting on Social Media

After doing the activity on social media, I realized how social media has become another place to spread false information. Maybe, this is one reason why it makes it worthwhile for some people. It is worthwhile because whatever is being said is catching someone’s attention or focus. Furthermore, if a particular media is catching their attention then it can rise emotions or change their opinions. This can lead people into devise directions or bring them to false conclusions, which can be harmful. Also, this kind of harm can cause people to be against each other instead of together, which leaves less room for unity. Moreover, that is why I believe it is important to have rules regarding social media. For example, for my social media, I may institute a rule regarding what content I repost or engage in. This is important especially when comes to subjects like politics, religion, gender, or race. Instituting this rule would help me be mindful in any negative messages I can be sending. Another rule that might be good for me to incorporate is monitoring how much time I spend on social media. Monitoring your time on social media is also important because it can control how much media you are taking in daily, as well as productive time being wasted.

Secondly, some of the challenges I think historians might have when writing in the 21st century is competing against false sources, having bias writings, having their narratives heard, and choosing subject topics. Through these challenges, historians might be able to use social media to write content by educating people about the history that impacts them. Historians might be able to also use live videos to allow people to pose or ask questions that could help write our history. With this, it could tell us about the current state of our society and its growth.

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