Podcasts Review

For this week’s response, the two podcasts I chose to review this week are “Dig: A History Podcast” and “Ben Franklin’s World.” On Dig’s podcast channel, I listened to an episode where they talked about the sugar industry, slavery, and consumerism in the Atlantic World. I believe, the purpose of this podcast was to educate listeners about how sugar became such a favored commodity and how people used it to build empires. On Ben Franklin’s World podcast, I listened to an episode about the history of polygamy in early America. The purpose of this podcast was to show how polygamy was frequently practiced among different groups in America during the 17th and 18th century.

After reviewing these two podcasts, you can see how both are similar in format by how the information on the history topic is presented. Both have a format that beings with background information on their pieces of history. Although they have a similar format, they also differ in style. The Dig’s podcast has more of a narrative/storytelling style, while Ben Franklin’s World episode is more of a conversation style. When it comes to who the audience is for these podcasts, I believe they are for history lovers. In addition, I think they are for anyone who is interested in knowing more about our country’s historical events. Moreover, these podcasts keep listeners interested by presenting and using specific content. For example, both podcasts gave in depth information on their topics that, which elaborating on information could keep a listener intrigued. Regarding keeping these listeners, I think the length of the podcasts could not be working. Keeping an audience intrigued after 30 mins of talking can be a challenge regardless of the topic. Although, having historical stories on audio is great because it is convenient for those who prefer listening over reading. What also makes audio historical stories great is the ability to listen anytime and anywhere. Lastly, I think the challenge with using audio to tell historical stories is ensuring that extra details about the stories properly presented.

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