John Quincy Adams Travels Everywhere

The reason I chose to follow John Quincy Adams for my map assignment was due to his role in the War of 1812. Adams was someone who was always willing to go beyond the borders of the U.S. to make peace and resolve issues. Furthermore, this made him a great U.S. ambassador to several countries, where he traveled. Another reason why I chose him was due to him being such a world traveler. Like Adam’s, I desire to travel to different places and learn from new experiences. From his travels, I was able to learn about other parts of the war. One thing, I learned from him was how he was a main contributor in ending the war. Adams was able to be apart of a negotiation, which finally end the war between the Americans and British. This also brought awareness about other people that also played an important role in ending the war. In addition, through him I learned how the U.S was strategic in appointing specific individuals as ambassadors. I believe, Adams was appointed as an ambassador to several countries because of his diplomatic background. Lastly, I learned that not only did he assist in ending the war, but he also made several other negotiations during that time.

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