For the love of Technology

After reading the article, The Enduring Anti-Black Racism of Google Search, it gave me a new perspective on the use of technology. In this piece, the technology that is being described is coding. Its purpose is to teach, and mentor African American girls interested in computer programming. This was a part of Google’s effort to invest in more diverse programs that would create a gateway into Silicon Valley and other tech industries, also bringing a remedy to persistent exclusion. Furthermore, the purpose was also to invest in youth as an opportunity to support a vision for Black women’s participation in Silicon Valley industries.

When reviewing this, many may look at this technology as good because it could produce more employment opportunities for Black women in the future. It could also be looked at as good because it is bringing diversity to the computer programming industry, instead of exclusion. But, even with these great efforts, something went wrong. What went wrong was in the past Google’s search engine was not providing good results when searching “black girls.” This a deep issue that contributes to the misrepresentation and stereotypes of Black women, which also causes exclusion from different industries. Moreover, Google and other industries were also not fully realizing how algorithms can be racist. To fix this kind of problem, we could simply change or tweak the aberrations. But the best way to fix this issue is to see why those type of algorithms were chosen in the first place. Also, another why to addresses this issue is having these industries be educated in technology racialization along with including, more people of color in certain areas who can give input on such issues. Lastly, we can conclude from this piece that the intent of technology can be good but it also can harmful and problematic.

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