Creative Expression

For my creative expression piece, I decided to write a poem that relates to the War of 1812. My poem is written from the perspective of a black man, who is a slave that is also fighting in the war. I chose to write this poem because I wanted to express through writing how a black person might have felt during the War of 1812. Furthermore, I also wanted to show another aspect of this war that gets overlooked. This aspect is displayed in the title of the poem as well as throughout the piece. In addition, doing a poem also helped me learn about the war in an interesting way. I believe, this is an interesting way to learn about the War of 1812 because you are learning information in a creative way. It is also an interesting way to learn when researching different perspectives from different groups of people during this time. For instance, it was interesting to learn how some of the British felt about freedom in America, especially slavery. I was able to learn how the British military would help slaves by training them to become apart of their military with allowing them to fight as a free man. By learning this, I was able to incorporate this into my poem thorough expressing the black man’s perspective. Overall, this was a creative and great way to learn about this war and to share a different perspective.

Rough Draft.

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