Civil War Monument

“Pass Around Their Army Without Hindrance” Marker

When searching for a Civil War monument in my area, I found a marker about Haymarket, VA during the civil war. This marker commemorates Confederate General J.E.B Stuart and General Robert E. Lee on their passing around the Army of Northern Virginia. It explains how they were able to pass by without hinderance to invade Maryland and Pennsylvania. Furthermore, the marker states how Gen. Stuart was able to pass through taking a route through north Haymarket. The marker also shows the route that was taking, as you see in the picture above. Now, based on what I know, I think this marker was put up because of the significance of the area in Haymarket. I also think the marker was put up to show recognition and remembrance to the Civil War in this specific city. Lastly, this marker was put up by the Civil War Trails but I could not find when the marker was set in place.

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